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"We are extremely happy and satisfied with the quality of Search Engine Optimization work that has been put in by the Indic team.

The team is very prompt and co-operative in all respects. My business in now on track."
-David Roger
Sport Minder

"We would definitely recommend Indic to other companies who are in need of Search Engine Marketing services."

"Overall Indic team has been very helpful and supportive in the process."
-T. Wright

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Keyword Generation

Looking for some keywords for your search marketing campaign? If you are simply looking to find some related keywords, you might want to try Google Sets. With Google Sets you can enter a few "items" (ie. keywords) to see a larger related group or "set" that the items are a part of.

You can request a small set (15 items or fewer) or a large set. Depending on your query, you may receive relevant results or you may not. The couple of queries that I tried seemed to provide fairly decent results. However I did receive a few results that were way out in left-field. For example, I added the items "lawyer" and "attorney" and clicked on large set with these results being returned. For the most part the results returned for this query were relevant. I then added the word "legal" and received some weird results such as "California" and "trade mark agent". Note: Clicking on the phrase takes you to the Google SERP for that phrase.

While I wouldn't base my entire Keyword Analysis on the results from Google Sets, it can be an additional way for identifying related keywords for your campaign that may have been overlooked. Or you can use Google Sets as a quick method for viewing the competitiveness of related keywords. (Simply create your set and click on a specific phrase/result that is returned to see the number of competing web pages indexed in Google as displayed near the top right of the Google SERP.)

Other than that the current benefit for Google Sets is fairly limited.s
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