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"We are extremely happy and satisfied with the quality of Search Engine Optimization work that has been put in by the Indic, inc. team.

The team is very prompt and co-operative in all respects. My business in now on track."
-David Roger
Sport Minder

"We would definitely recommend Indic, inc. to other companies who are in need of Search Engine Marketing services."

"Overall Indic, inc. team has been very helpful and supportive in the process."
-T. Wright


Our main objective is to get you greater return on investment ROI.

Pay Per Click Campaign Management Services

Pay per click (PPC) advertising is a search engine marketing service where advertisers pay a charge every time someone clicks on your ad you've placed in search engine's sponsored results. The advertiser pays nothing to appear on sponsored search results other then the amount they have agreed to (or bid for) when someone actually clicks on their ad and is taken to their landing page.

Google Adwords, Yahoo! Search Marketing and Microsoft adCenter are the three major PPC engines. Our PPC Management Service essentially consists of following salient features. These features will provide comprehensive overview of your PPC campaigns. The most popular Pay Per Click engines are Google Adwords, Yahoo! Search Marketing & Microsoft adCenter.

5 Reasons you should select us for managing your Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns.

We have support of certified by Google Adwords, Yahoo! Search Marketing and Microsoft adCenter as Ad Words Qualified Company, Yahoo! Search Marketing ambassador and Microsoft adExcellence member respectively.

We use latest technology and our team keeps abreast of latest trends from search engine industry.

Since we are working with so many accounts we leverage good support from leading search engines.

You get quality work at very competitive prices!

24 hours support from Monday to Friday.

Comparison Table For Our Various PPC Services

Monthly Cost Us $280 Us $540 Us $680 Us $1280
Initializing the Project

Initial Consultation
Account Setup
Conversion Code Consultation
Campaign Optimization
Keyword Research & Bid Management 1000 5000 Unlimited Unlimited
Negative Keywords
A/B Ad Copy Testing
Day Parting
Geo- Targeting
Local Search Campaigns (If Applicable)
Conversion Tracking
Other Activities
Landing Page Consultation 1 3 5 7+
A/B Landing Page Tests (If Applicable)
Click Fraud Support
Google Analytics
Profile Setup
Funnel Tracking Consultation
Weekly Report
Monthly Report
Advanced Reports
Customer Support
Email Support
Chat Support


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