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Indic Testimonals

"We are extremely happy and satisfied with the quality of Search Engine Optimization work that has been put in by the Indic, inc. team.

The team is very prompt and co-operative in all respects. My business in now on track."
-David Roger
Sport Minder

"We would definitely recommend Indic, inc. to other companies who are in need of Search Engine Marketing services."

"Overall Indic, inc. team has been very helpful and supportive in the process."
-T. Wright

Indic, Inc.: We invest in good website ideas

Social Media Optimization / Web 2.0 strategy

It takes 6 to 8 months to get results from Search Engine Optimization. However, business owners do not have time or patience to wait for 6 months. The solution is to use Web 2.0 or Social Media Optimization techniques to get quick results. You can get results within a Week or a month. Social Media sites like You Tube, FaceBook, MySpace have huge traffic. But you need experts who can help take advantage of these websites to market your business. There are thousands of Social Media websites, but you need to select best sites which can get you traffic.

What Is Social Media Optimization

If search engine optimization is about breaking down crawling barriers to help the engines fully index your site, social media optimization is about knocking down site walls so content can be easily found, distributed and shared by the community. This process may simply mean embedding a "Digg This" button on your site blog or it may mean spending hours to create a piece of compelling content, aka linkbait, that could either drive thousands of visitors to your site or have no effect at all.

The right link magnet, presented at the right time, to the right audience can bring an unimaginable amount of traffic to your site. For a company just starting out, getting on the front page of Digg can offer instant visibility and credibility. For an establish company, it can strengthen your brand and turn you into a household name. The key to social media is knowing how to leverage it. And your ability to leverage it depends on your ability to attract, engage and convert new visitors.

Reaching out to social communities to bring attention your brand isn't a new concept; however, thanks to today's technology, when done right, the power, effect and benefit of social media optimization is huge. In a recent article entitled Anatomy of a Super Digg, Daniel Tynski shared his company's experience with a client who spent ten minutes creating a throwaway article specifically targeted towards social media. The article was submitted to Digg and in 7 days the client was rewarded with more than 3,000 backlinks, 532 links from, an enormous swell in Alexa rankings, and an impressive (though temporary) surge in rankings for many of the client's targeted keywords.

Comparison Table For Our Social Media Services

Total Cost : US $ 1480 US $ 2480 US $ 3840
Strategy for Top Social Media Websites

Other Imp Social Media Websites 5 10 20
Create Blogspot and Wordpress account
Total Blog Articles
Press Releases
Writing* 2 3 4
Submission to Free Press Release Distribution sites 20 30 40
Article Creation & Submission
Article Writing (450 to 500 words)* 1 2 3
Total Submissions 5 10 15
Video Optimization
Creating Video *
1 2 3
Optimizing Video
Submission of Videos 10 25 50
Social Bookmarking
Submission of Website URL 10 25 50
Submission of Blog URLs 10 25 50
Submission of Press Release Urls 10 25 50
Submission of Video urls 10 25 50
Customer Support

* We will give you list of topics or options for Press Release writing or Creating Video. You need to respond to our questions in a timely manner to ensure that your project gets completed on time.

The total delivery time for any Social Media Optimization service varies from 30 to 60 days (depending on frequency of client communication and service selected).



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